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The last of the “my_long_options structs”

Posted on: August 16, 2010

As Google Summer of Code 2010 comes to an end my work of re factoring the commandline options and configuration file processing system using boost::program_options also is nearing the grand finale which would probably mean the complete removal of my_getopt which was used to solve the above stated purpose. Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on innodb, embedded_innodb and the kernel, the three huge patches which were left.

I had stated in my last post that the two engines were in the process of being merged into trunk and I again state in this post “the two engines are in the process of being merged”. One may ask why I has taken so long to get it into trunk, which is a very logical question to ask. The answer to that is “MEMORY LEAKS”. I had failed to free memory after using strdup() causing performance deterioration. Most people would have got a good laugh out of that. 😛 :P. Some more copy/paste errors seemed to prove how idiotic I can be at times. 😉

With all that aside Monty and I dived into the kernel with high hopes of getting the job done within the next release which is tomorrow constantly being supervised by my mentor Brian. I helped lay the basic ground work for the kernel patch. I removed the last my_long_options from the kernel, did the required operations to assign the variables their required defaults, performed limit checks and block_size corrections with almost 30 notifier() ( :O :O Lot of copy/paste involved in that process :P).

Monty is now working on making the kernel patch usable. The kernel is too complex for me to handle the entire patch by myself. I really hope that he completes the patch before the release. 🙂 I ve really had a wonderful time working with such wonderful people. I ‘ve been blogging as a summer intern for the past three months. My next post will probably be as a permanent developer of Drizzle. Thank you guys! Cheers!


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