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With Push Notification contribution that is available, implementing push notifications was very simple and straightforward. A big thanks to the contributor.

  • To get push notifications working on Android, one needs to set up Google Cloud Messaging. Google has this well documented and the steps can be found here.
  • Once GCM has been set up, goto your Drupal website and install push_notifications and drupalgap_mobile_notifications plugins. Enable them after installation. Once you have enabled the plugins, goto the permissions of push_notifications and adjust the permissions of creating and removing device tokens as per your application needs. In my case, I wanted tokens to be created even for anonymous users so I had granted permissions for the same and had made the required changes in the drupalgap push_notifications module. Also place the GCM_SENDER_ID that was generated while setting up GCM in the variable defined in push_notifications.js right at the top.
  • After that, goto Administration -> Structure -> Services -> Drupalgap and enable the push notifications checkbox to make the REST endpoint live.
  • Goto Configuration -> Push Notifications -> Configuration to setup the push notifications module. In the bottom provide the API key that was generated in your GCM developer console and save the configuration.
  • Now we’re all set in the Drupal end to send notifications. Setting up the Drupalgap end is very straight forward. Download the push_notifications module and place it in the apps/modules/custom/push_notifications directory.
  • Add an entry to the settings.js to register the custom module.
  • Once this is done, launch the app to make sure that the device token gets registered with the Drupal push_notifications module. It can be verified by going to Configuration -> Push Notifications -> Overview which shows the number of device tokens registered per platform.
  • When you’ve verified that there are registered tokens, click on the Send Push tab to compose a Push message and send it across.

Hope this helps. Happy pushing! Cheers! 🙂


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